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One of the problems facing our region is waste management. The method currently in use include disposal in landfill and incineration both of which are harmful to the environment. Our company provides innovative solutions to waste management.

The most disenfranchised group when it comes to the currently implemented means of waste disposal are those that live below the poverty line. Often, their homes serve as dumping grounds for waste collected in different parts of the region. This creates poor living conditions for those affected.


We aim to create a sustainable city by providing innovative waste management solutions that add value to waste, creating a circular economy that promotes green industries and lowers pollution. Improving the lives of those who are most affected by this menace.

We do this by partnering with community-based organizations who act as a link to the dumping sites. Community-based organisations help in facilitating youth employment and sustainable use of available resources. They engage the youth in their region to participate in this waste management efforts. We also partner with different industries that have plastic waste providing them with means to dispose of their waste in an environmentally conscious way.